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Updated Gameplay

Orbyss features Experience, Meso and Drop Rates of 2X GMS equivalence, along with a series of new methods to earn experience. Enjoy all new features from higher versions of MapleStory implemented in a classic MapleStory experience.

Content from Future Versions

Orbyss brings a wide variety of new cosmetic items, styles, monsters, maps and features from higher versions of MapleStory. To bring a more modern taste of gameplay while maintaining the beauty of classic MapleStory.

Cubes & Item Potentials

Recreation of the potential system from higher versions, potentials provide percent bonuses to your characters stats. Item potentials can have varying tiers ranging from Epic to Mythical based on the item's required level. Potentials can be applied to an item and re-rolled at a cost of mesos.

Hyper Skills

Recreation of the system from higher versions, hyper skills are an advanced collection of skills that can be obtained after Lv. 150 and provide your character with unique game-changing bonuses. There are different hyper skills available for each of the five job branches, Warriors, Magicians, Bowmen, Thieves, and Pirates.

Elite Mobs & Bosses

After killing a certain amount of monsters on the current map, there is a chance of an elite version of said monster spawning. Once enough elite monsters have been killed on the map, an Elite Boss will then be summoned. Killing elite monsters and bosses grants bonus experience and rewards.

Beauty Salon

The Orbyss beauty salon not only offers the ability to customize your character's appearance, but also allows you to save up to five hairstyles and eyes that can be loaded at any time for no additional cost.

Burning Characters

Recreation of the Burning Project events from higher versions, characters under level 70 have the option to partake in the event and will have their level increased by 2 instead of 1 upon level up. Accounts may only have one character burning at once, and the character burning can be changed at any time.

HD Resolution & User Interface

The Orbyss custom client runs in a higher 720p resolution, similar to that of higher versions of MapleStory. Along with an updated in-game user interface, Orbyss delivers a modern look and feel to old school MapleStory.


Orbyss features a functioning Maple Trading System (MTS), which acts as a server auction house for players to list items across the server for NX. To add depth to this system, all listed items appear on our websites 'Market' page which is updated every couple minutes.

Introducing New Mechanics

Learn about some of the new gameplay mechanics Orbyss has to offer!

Orbyss Hub

The Orbyss Hub is a user interface that can be accessed in-game via either hotkey or chat command. This interface is available nearly anywhere and allows access to a variety of Orbyss server features.

Guild House & Level System

Guilds earn experience when their members kill monsters, upon leveling up guilds unlock a variety of unique rewards and features. Certain guild levels grant a Guild House that only guild members can access. Guild Houses act as a hangout location as well as give access to more exclusive guild content.


Prestiging increases a random character stat by 70 (to max of 700 from Prestige), grants you one Prestige Token and resets your level to your current reset level (ranging from 10 to 100). Prestige Tokens can be used to increase your reset level or access exclusive prestige rewards. Prestiging is only possible upon reaching the maximum level, Lv. 255. Prestiged characters no longer gain AP upon level up.

Paragon Level

Once reaching the maximum level, Lv. 255 or prestiging, all experience gained goes towards your Paragon level. Upon reaching certain Paragon levels, bonuses are awarded to your character, up to a maximum of Paragon Lv. 20. Your paragon progress and bonuses can be viewed in the Paragon menu.

Item Levels

Items gain experience just as your character does. When items level up they gain a variety of increases to random stats. Items become increasingly more difficult to level up, to a maximum level of 15.

Item Filter

Using the item filter menu, you can prevent select items from appearing from monster drops on your screen and reduce clutter. These filtered items apply account-wide and will also be ignored by any active Pet Vac without affecting other players.

Aggressive Mobs

Mobs in Orbyss tend to be more aggressive than usual due to new AI changes, entering a map and attacking a monster will aggravate all nearby monsters within varying proximities.

Pet Vac

Pet Vac is a special ability that allows your pet to vacuum all items within a specified distance and removes the annoyance of tedious looting. There are two types of Pet Vac, Proximity Pet Vac (available for Vote Points), and Full Map Pet Vac (available for Donor Points).

Trade Commands

Players are able to Trade NX and Vote Points with each other by using special commands available in the 'Trade' window that is accessed when trading a player. Using an offer command overwrites your previous offer of that currency type.

Boosted HP Gain

All job types gain 50% bonus HP upon level up, this is done to remove or minimize the need for HP washing throughout the game to remove the tedious process behind HP washing.

Map Ownership

Players can claim ownership over a map until they leave said map or are inactive for 2 minutes. When someone owns a map, players outside their party are unable to damage monsters and earn drops.

Social Systems

Orbyss makes it easier than ever to connect with other players across the server! Make new friends through our global Guild and Party matchmaking systems.

Party Matchmaking

Create a public room with a name for your party that any player can join regardless of their location. Once your room is created, it will appear for others in the matchmaking room list. Party rooms can also be unlisted without disbanding the party.

Guild Listings

Guild Leaders can list their guilds for other players to join. Guild leaders have the option to set level requirements and applications to join. Once your guild is listed, players across the server can apply to your guild or join instantly depending on your requirements.

Reward Systems

Players are constantly rewarded for playing and supporting the server!

Attendance Rewards

Login daily and get rewarded! Players can claim a new reward in their Attendance window every day through a 30-day cycle. At the end of the cycle, the rewards reset to ensure players always receive a little gift for logging in.

Player Mailbox

Every character has their own seperate mailbox that is used for the server to distribute rewards into. During events or upon reaching certain levels, characters may receive items, mesos, or NX through their mailbox.

Free NX

Killing monsters around your level has a chance to grand NX. In addition, upon voting for Orbyss on server listings sites, players are rewarded with Vote Points which can be spent to obtain NX Cash. This process is entirely free and supports Orbyss by promoting its community to new players.

Server Development

Orbyss takes pride in having high development standards, and through passionate work alongside community suggestions, plans to expand to being the 'perfect classic MapleStory server'.

Anti-Cheat & Security Policy

Cheating isn't fun, and Orbyss takes cheating seriously. In order to ensure cheaters do not ruin the game for other players, the Orbyss development and staff teams are actively working on keeping server security up to date. Orbyss with our custom game security that does its best to keep our servers cheater free.

Custom Client

Orbyss runs through a custom client that runs better on modern versions of Windows OS, enables unique features as Discord Rich Presence, highspeed file patching, and custom client-server operations; such as hotkeys to open the Orbyss Hub UI. In addition, the custom client minimizes the graphics issues known in this version of MapleStory, and removes restrictions such as in-combat gear swapping.

Active Development

The Orbyss development teams plans to actively work on the server, taking in community suggestions, and release a constant stream of updates.